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Must stay happy or I will fall into a depression again.


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Friday, November 06, 2009

Just updating. Working as a freelance illustrator and a ink filler. And my allergies are killing me today. ooog! 

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Still typing out Mic's story which is now called "Keeping Tabs". The Yuki story (My Feline Valentine) is completely written out-- the first arc, anyway, and I've started drawing the pages out. Started a second arc, but it's waffling. I may start it over or I may just thumb it and see what happens. Second Angel story is thumbed but not started, not really. Ambling around again. It's what I do best. I may continue to work on my comics but I think really that I will start typing up my numerous novels and trying to get them published. 

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Monday, October 30, 2006

 Yup, so I haven't been on here much. I got a deviantart site http://manekochan.deviantart.com/  and there's a journal on there I've mostly been using. I was thinking I might come back here to post some of my literature that I want a friend of mine to read but I don't want to post on DA to be viewed by the general public. I might post it on here with restrictions for viewing. I just have to type it... urgh... So anyway, there's a ton of new art on my DA site. I haven't updated my comics site in forever. I've been working on this project I call "Halloween Academy" with all kinds of familiars and witches and stuff. I haven't posted any of the witches or anything. Just a random werewolf. ^_^

Status report:

All of Angel Issue 1 is inked, toned and lettered EXCEPT the last page... -_-;

Kisa Complex (I dunno if I mentioned this) new second story written. Kind of inspired by "Evil"-- by Interpol.

Angel Issue 2 thumbnails holding steady at 11 pages (for 6 weeks and counting... )

Jane Austen story-- still waiting to add in bits and pieces

As yet unnamed vampire story number 2- Mic --- coming along pretty well. This is the one that I may type up. I may type up the Austen one, too. The Austen one should be pretty short. Mic is unfinished as of yet and it keeps getting longer. So far it's on its third notebook (they're small notebooks-- don't get excited)

Learning the Painter program. It's kind of a pain at times, neat at other times. I tried drawing with that stupid ass pen tool in Photoshop. I hate that friggin thing.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I was thinking the other day. Me and Rebecca were talking about cartoons and it dawned on me that almost every single cartoon I've ever seen in the theater I can tell you about the time I went to see it.

Oliver and Co.- Cinema 6. My grandma took me to see it alone. My sister got pissed so we had to go again. Granny fell asleep the second time. I remember driving down Kim's street on the way there.

Land Before Time- Mall 5. Mom, Erica (my sister), and Randy (my mom's best friend). We went to Montgomery Wards afterwards and they had a Littlefoot alarm clock that I wanted. Land Before Time and Bambi were also the first Video tapes I ever got.

Ducktales the movie- Eastgate, when it was first run. Grandma, mom, and Erica.

The Black Cauldron- Eastgate (1st run). Randy, Mom, and Erica.

101 Dalmations- Cinema 6. Granny and Erica.

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer- Eastgate (1st Run). Granny.

Transformers the movie- Eastgate (1st). Granny and Erica.

The Little Mermaid- Cinema 6. Randy and Erica. I remember we were worried we'd be late because Randy forgot her clock was 20 minutes fast. Also, we got small drinks even though med. would have been cheaper with the popcorn. She said we didn't need to drink that much anyway.

Beauty and the Beast- Mall 5. Erica, Becca, Mary, and Sarah. I bought Mike & Ikes. I don't know why I remember that.

Mulan- mall 5. By myself... -_-  The people around me knew the words to all the songs and wouldn't shut up. Opening day.

Hunchback of Notre Dame- Eastgate (dollar). I took Kali to watch it.

Aladdin- Cinema 6. Granny and Erica. Double feature with Homeward Bound: the incredible Journey. We didn't stay for the second movie. I think it was a valentine's present. I know she invited us in a card. Got to watch it with the lyrics "where they cut off your ears if they don't like your face" before they changed it.

Pocahontas- Cinema 6. Dawn and Erica. I remember driving around Mallory's neighborhood.

Emperor's New Groove- the Pittsburg theater. Danial.

The Jungle Book- Webb City Drive-in with my mom, Erica and Randy. I remember being scared at the part with Shere Khan and the stick on fire.

Toy Story- Mall 5. Mark and his entire church group, but basically, my whole entire family. "Daddy/Daughter Day".

Toy Story2- Northstar 14. Danial.

Tarzan- Northstar 14. Preview. Danial.

Quest for Camelot- Cinema 6. A girl named Sara. We were bored.

Spirited Away- SUNSHINE BIRU, TOKYO JAPANNNNNN!!!!! Joanna. We had to stand in a huge line and there were people sitting in the floor at the theater. We actually went opening week and didn't know it. Heh.

Princess Mononoke- Cinema 6. It was finals week. The first time I think I went with Danial and Justin. Second, my whole family. Third, Randy. It was only there for a week and I wanted to make as many people watch it as possible cuz it was really hard to get it in town. I still worked at the theater but I made them charge me for it because I wanted to support it.

Howl's Moving Castle- Fayetteville Mall. Danial. Most expensive movie I've ever gone to unless you count Spirited Away. Between the food and gas this movie cost me $60 and it was my birthday. It was great, though.

Bug's Life- Mall 5. Danial

Iron Giant- Northstar 14. Danial.

The King and I- Eastgate (dollar). Danial. God, what a bad movie.

Lion King- Mall 5. My birthday. Randy, Erica and, actually, my cousin Brandon got to go, too. Could not stop crying throughout the whole movie because I'd read the comic first and knew that Mufasa was going to die.

Shrek- plane coming back from Japan. Me. Alone. With Japanese subtitles... -_-

Shrek 2- Northstar 14. Danial.

Hercules- Northpark 1&2 or, the Twin. James and Alec. Watched it several times. Eventually caught  the employees dancing on benches to the Grease soundtrack.

Pokemon 2000- northstar 14. Danial. The second time, Daniel, Danial, Kim, Hurley... it was a free movie day.

Antz- Mall 5. Danial.

Beavis and Butthead Do America- Eastgate.

SouthPark- Northstar 14. Preview. Danial. 2nd time- my parents.

Small Soldiers- Mall 5. Danial.

Cars- Carthage Drive-In. Danial. Danny and Steph in another car.

Monsters Inc.- Cinema 6 (dollar). Danial. The screen said "FUCK" on it.

Finding Nemo- Northstar 14. Danial.

Ice Age- Northstar 14. Mark, Jo-z, maybe Kali. (Daddy/Daughter Day again)

Ice Age2: the Meltdown- Northstar 14. Danial.

Corpse Bride- Northstar 14. Danial. We invited Danny but he was tired and then the next day he wished he'd gone.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
today; reminiscing

So, yes, I was being a tad on the irrational side today. No, I won't say about what. I'm sure the collective crap mill will fill everyone in and any strangers can remain blessedly unaware of what a bitch I can be. Yay for strangers. That being said, I'm still annoyed, though trying to pretend like I'm not because it's stupid for me to be annoyed anyway. An exasperating situation, but fuck the hell off, thank you.

So! While I was waiting for Danial to get done picking up his mother from the hospital (---very glad I did not wait outside because it ended taking longer than the 5 minutes it was anticipated to take. They knew she was leaving at 5 o'clock. Why didn't they prep? I don't know.) I went home and inked two pages. It took them almost 3 hours to get her out of there. The entire third volume of Aqua Teen Hunger Force can vouch for my reckonning. At any rate, I brought him some clothes and I also brought over some movies to watch. He's saying he might have to stay until Sunday. I was thinking Friday probably would be the last day so I'm not too thrilled with that.

At any rate, I bet a progress report is in order, right? Right... So, I'm still inking Angel-- taking my damn sweet time about it. I finished writing the Kisa "origin" story (it's not really, just how they met) and decided that it's not the best opener. Maybe I could use it in a flashback later. I wrote the second Kisa story (referred to now as Kisa 1 since the actual first story is now ret-conned and the origin story will be used later). I also wrote a very short story that might start out the next arc in the Yuki stuff. I'm toying with doing a few pages of a story for Cat's Dance with the background characters Tug and Taylor. I also started another vampire story. Don't know where the hell that will go, but I had certain scenes in my head and I didn't have anywhere to put them in my other stories. It evolved from that, really. It has no name yet either. I've done about 20 or so pages in the last two days. Some of it I'm happy with, but some of it was written in a sort of distracted state of mind so it's pretty crappy.

Oh, wow. I haven't posted on here in a while. One day while I was bored I went to my parent's house and I looked through all the crap in the shed and I found an old story of mine that I wrote at 15 (I think). It holds up okay but it is a lot shorter than I remember. I hadn't read it in about 8 years. I lost it. There was another story about this vampire named Damian that was longer and much, much worse  (;_;). It's god-awful. Never finished that one, but boy did I try. It's about 30 typed pages and I remember now that I was typing it on my mom's typewriter and it was out of correction tape. Heh. There are some typos in that thing... I eventually stopped trying to correct them. There are some good sentences. Paragraph? No...... Just sentences... Maybe some good words. Heh. Oh come on! French vampires and African were-leopards? How can you go wrong?!? Yup. Write yourself in there and you've got the picture. Boy, I didn't let that thing die, either. I've got later resurrections where I live in an apartment building. They're better written but damn all if they don't suck just about as much. I wish I could find this horror story I wrote on computer paper. It was about this thing that lived in this house and the main character's cat became sentient to warn her about it, but it was also a byproduct of the thing. That was one of the first horror stories that made me see I can't write horror. Yup.

Since Dan won't be home for a while I wonder if he'll remember to pay the water bill...?

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Okay... So, still working on Angel... and working... too much. Also, I finished the Jane Austen novel (though I still have to go back and put in some Jane Austen bits at the beginning) and the other day I started writing Kisa Complex again. My way this time. It's shaping up pretty well (except the background characters-- they could use some inspiration). I like it so far. Maybe someday I'll even draw it. Perish the thought. Wink  I'm frikkin hungry.

Okay, anyway, so I've been on several job interviews now and everyones all gooshy over my illustrations. And that's it. They're not hiring for illustrators they just... appreciate that I can do it. Whoopty frikkin do. I need a good job, not 2, not 3, not 4. I turned in my two weeks at Movie Gallery on Sunday so now I'll just have 2 jobs-- Yankee and Hydraulic Specialties and that'll be fine as long as the hours hold up. Something in here smells like india ink. I know there's none in this house so I don't exactly see how that's possible, but I smell it. Whatever comic I work on next (planning for it to be the Yuki one, but I don't know) I gotta figure out a way to cut my time down. I started thinking of a priorities list:

1)finish Angel in Training

2)type out Austen story

3)finish Cat's Dance

4)think of new Kisa stories

5)work on Ellie story or at least the 3 Leopard Demons

or 6)start drawing Feline Valentine (aka yuki story)

There are a bunch that have fallen by the wayside over the years. I may yet resurrect the Yura stories. He was fun. Menagerie never took off considerably, but I thought it was really neat and the background characters were great. The Royce and Katelyn story is not really dead, but is instead worked into the background of the Yuki story. The damn thing (Royce and Katelyn's story) is like 500 pages already. It's not ever going to die but I have sort of stopped telling it for a while. I really hung on to that one. It's funny that I decided to kind of scrap it and just use it as a template for yuki. It may come back someday. Good God.Sarafina story got pretty far into the first arc before I stopped working on it. There's a few others that I don't usually think about that are still in there-- Ship of Fools-- there's another story I'd like to do for that one before I give up on it completely, but I'm so far from it right now. Not that menagerie isn't like 4 years old and I haven't worked on it in forever.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006
updates and what not

After all the pissing and moaning about not being able to get the crap off my parent's computer, I was able to get all the jpegs I needed by just putting them on normal floppy discs. All my photoshop stuff is still on there, but at least everything that can go on the net can be transferred. Having said that, I have very little I actually ended up wanting to transfer over. I need to redo my website, but I started out by getting all of Kisa Complex off the computer and onto my web-comic page (manekochan.keenspace.com-- which acutally is on comicgenesis now but it transfers you automatically) so now, starting tomorrow, there will be new comic pages loading periodically. Yeehaw. Considering that my readership consists mostly of people that already know me and have therefore already read said comic, that is not a great big feather in my cap.

Angel in Training: pencilled up through page 13; inked up through 11; I'll be sending it off to Tokyo pop after I reach page 22 (the first story), ink, tone and letter it. -_- Wish me luck.

Unnamed vampire hunter story: written; may be turned into a novel. Don't know

To Follow a White cat: DAMN IT! Why am I thinking about resurrecting it?!? It's a headache! Novel or comic? Someone once told me prose would be best.

Cat's Dance: haven't worked on it in a while, but I will get it scanned and lettered and then I will promptly send it to slg.

Next I want to work on The Yuki Story aka My Feline Valentine. I need a better name. bah.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

A.I.T. is completely written. There are also possibilities for a sequel. I have to pooh.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005
fucking interweb...

I guess I need to just buy my own friggin domain or something or maybe retool my site. That'd probably be a better idea. See, a long time ago in a galaxy far away someone named Amber uploaded a bunch of stuff to the internet and it was good. She added more things and more things. And this too was good. Then her webpage became full and no more things were permitted. This was not good. So she sought free interweb of up to several hundred megabytes and she found it and it was good. Until, that is, she tried to log into the damn thing today and found out that there were no longer any thingies of hers on the free webpage. This was not good as she had moved a lot of her stuff over to the free page. I suppose that comes of not updating in forever and two days. It was still up in August! I swear! Anyway, crap in a hat. I don't know if I still have all that stuff on my computer at home. Graugh. And just for the hell of it, double graugh.

Angel in Training: New story arcs are written and the ending is slowly coming upon us. Yup.
36 pages of thumbtails/layouts are done. 25 of them may actually be used. Amber contemplates the wisdom of going in with only plot and then letting herself ramble... That would be why 11 pages are going away. They mostly deal with a public toilet and zombies, anyway, and those are two things noone wants to hear about.
I think that's all that's changed.  Angel has gotten very long. The new 25 pager is the beginning retold in a printable format cuz my last one... well... let's face it... too tiny.

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Thursday, September 08, 2005
lifted off of amazon

Okay, so one of the cool things about the Discworld series is that it is actually SEVERAL series, only slightly linked. Most of these books can be enjoyed on their own merit, although they make the most sense when read within the context of the "series" that they are a part of.

Oh, and is it just me, or are the new covers really, really ugly?

Luck is my middle name. Mind you, my first name is Bad.
Starring the Disc's most loveable, luckless "Wizzard." These are definately serial in nature...you should probably read them in this order.

'The Color of Magic (Discworld, Book 1)'
'The Light Fantastic (Discworld, Book 2)'
'Sourcery (Discworld, Book 5)'
'Eric (Discworld, Book 9)'
'Interesting Times (Discworld, Book 17)'
'The Last Continent (Discworld, Book 22)'
'The Last Hero: A Discworld Fable'---->Also starring Captain Carrot of the AMCW, Leonard da Quirm, Cohen the Barbarian and his Silver Horde, and the Librarian. This fully illustrated book is an absolute MUST HAVE.

Ankh-Morpork's finest, doing what they do best.

'Guards! Guards! (Discworld, Book 8)'
'Men at Arms (Discworld, Book 15)'
'Feet of Clay (Discworld, Book 19)'
'Jingo (Discworld, Book 21)'
'The Fifth Elephant (Discworld, Book 24)'
'Night Watch (Discworld, Book 27)'
'Thud! (Discworld, Book 30)'------------>Coming Fall 2005

The Lancre Witches
"Well, I can do next Tuesday."

'Equal Rites (Discworld, Book 3)'--->Yo, Pratchett. Whatever happened to Esk, anyway?
'Wyrd Sisters (Discworld, Book 6)'
'Witches Abroad (Discworld, Book 12)'
'Lords and Ladies (Discworld, Book 14)'
'Maskerade (Discworld, Book 18)'
'Carpe Jugulum (Discworld, Book 23)'

The Disc's winsome Grim Reaper, in all his slightly befuddled glory.

'Mort (Discworld, Book 4)'
'Reaper Man (Discworld, Book 11)'
'Soul Music (Discworld, Book 16)'
'Hogfather (Discworld, Book 20)'
'Thief of Time (Discworld, Book 26)'

Fellow Travelers
Stand-alone books featuring characters that we sadly never meet again.

'Pyramids (Discworld, Book 7)'
'Moving Pictures (Discworld, Book 10)'
'Small Gods (Discworld, Book 13)' <---GREATEST BOOK EVER
'The Truth (Discworld, Book 25)'
'Monstrous Regiment (Pratchett, Terry)'
'Going Postal: A Novel of Discworld'

And these are part of Pratchett's new kiddie-Discworld thing:
'The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents'
'The Wee Free Men (Bccb Blue Ribbon Fiction Books (Awards))'
'A Hat Full of Sky'

Young Tiffany Aching appears to be Pratchett's new favorite character, because at least two more Tiffany books are planned.

Your Ultimate Guide To The Disc And Realms Thereof
Maps, guidebooks, quizzes, and associated oddities.

'The Discworld Companion'
'Nanny Ogg's Cookbook (Discworld)'
'A Tourist Guide to Lancre'
'Streets of Ankh Morpork'
'The Discworld Mapp'
'Death's Domain: A Discworld Mapp'
'The Science of Discworld'
'The Science of Discworld II: The Globe'
'Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" Quizbook'
'The Art of Discworld'
'Once More with Footnotes'------>I don't own this one, yet, but it appears to be a mixed bag of essays, short stories, etc., a la Adams's 'The Salmon of Doubt' or Gaiman's 'Adventures in the Dream Trade', both of which I do have and highly recommend.

From The Street Of Cunning Artificers

'Terry Pratchett's Discworld - Soul Music'
'Terry Pratchett's Discworld - Wyrd Sisters'
'Terry Pratchett's From the Discworld'

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