I'm a person drifting through life trying to find happiness but settling, usually, for food. I draw and write and start various things and never finish them. Currently, I'm looking for jobs. I need one or I will go insane. It happens.
Must stay happy or I will fall into a depression again.


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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bal took this test which I could not get to appear. Yay me.  We both got unusually smart and we both got different areas of the thing but we both got that we scored higher than 99% of other people on both.
I wonder if the other 99% of people taking this are idiots.
Many of them were probably smart and patient enough to get the test results to actually appear on their blog.
I think they still win.

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a recent dream- minka and Azrael- ship of fools

So I had this very bizarre dream that I wrote down. I may work it into a comic somehow. It's a sort of martial arts romantic comedy that covers several people living on this ship called the Bluebird. Every year they have a friendly battle with another ship called the Firefly. I wrote it all down in my book I probably won't write it all down here. Anyway it's about this girl Minka and how she ends up with the guy Azrael (pronounced Azrail). It turned into a porn, sorta... heh. There was another story about a girl named Freida who found a strange garden. She was the healer on the ship. Her bit was short but I wrote down most of what I remembered and then started writing the flashes of what had been supposed to happen (sometimes I get ahead of my dreams).

The first story for the Yuki stories is done, by the way. Finally finished it.
Finished the second comic for the Angel in Training stuff before I went to comicon. Looking back at the old stuff makes me wonder how to rework it.

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Chicago (and now Sinatra is in my head...)

So, we went to Chicago. I tried in vain to sleep all the way there. It was a long, long car ride. It could have been worse. I could have gotten car sick or I could have gotten terribly hungry, niether of which happened. Anyway, here is the scoop, even though I hate that word.
I went to the Aspen booth for a portfolio review, but I chickened out and left. Everyone found me and made me go back to the booth and made me get in line for the portfolio again. They reviewed it and told me that I needed to work on my line widths and stuff. They particularly liked my hair and my animal fur, saying that animal fur was hard to do. Yay me. I think they mostly stuck to reviewing my inking since I didn't bring the pencils.
Now, eventually, I got in line for the marvel review. After not moving at all in the line for 45 minutes we finally found out that the guy with the sign 3 people ahead of us was the last person guaranteed to get an interview. Having to go to the bathroom really bad and not wanting to miss out on the Tokyopop interview, which I had a better chance of impressing them at, I and another kid decided to skip out on the marvel review and go to the Tokyopop review.
They liked me alot. They wanted to see some more of my stuff toned and the guy I spoke to (Reyes) even gave me his email and his phone number. They want me to beta test a new toning program on my stuff. I'm hoping like hell that this interest turns into something. I need to email him soon.
In Chicago we went to a Borders. I picked up a copy of Howl's Moving Castle the book. I read it (mostly) on the way home from Chicago. It was really good, but it was way different than the movie. I like them both alot and I'm going to read it again.
Did I mention that on my birthday I got to see Howl's Moving Castle? It showed up at Fayetteville on my birthday and so Dan and I drove there to watch it. It was great. What a lovely review, eh?

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Friday, July 08, 2005

It's my birthday, la la la. I'm 26 today.
We're going to Chicago in August. Danny got me a portfolio that'll hold my comics pages. I'm a little freaked out about it and a little worried about the money for it, but that's okay. When am I not like that about anything? So anyway, Jeremy is gonna help me go through my art and help me decide what to take with me.
I gotta get my liscence renewed, go to the bank and check out some cd burners, although the cd burner thing is slightly... um... not needed....

I wants this! clicky click

Danial woke me up with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday ala Yukari in Azumanga Daioh... It's my fault... I call people and yell that at them on their birthdays. Heh. It's fun though. I tried to find a wav of it to link, but I can't... Just imagine a crazed Japanese woman screaming, in English, "Happi Basudei tuu yuu! Happi Basudei TUU YUU! Happi Basudei dea Yukari Happi basudei tuu yuu!" No tune to it hardly at all. You get the idea.

Posted at 01:09 pm by manekochan
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Saturday, June 25, 2005
Manga List


key: gn= graphic novel/tankoban

      cb= monthly comic book format

      mag= magazine format

      eng= english

      jap= japanese

        In parenthesis: author or artist

        In brackets: publisher

        *= personal comments

Aitsu ga Wizard! (Yuukako Iisaka) [Flower Comics]: gn jap Yuukako Iisaka Collection 3 (short stories)

               title story

               Fushigi no kuni no Cinderella

               Ano ko ga suki wo haita nara

Akuma na Eros! Virgin Crisis! ( Mayu Shinju ) [ ]: gn jap Vol 1-4; complete series

Azumanga Daioh (Kiyohiko Azuma ) [ADV]: gn eng Vol 1-2 *will continue eventually (I love this series)

Blade of the Immortal (Hiroaki Samura) [Dark Horse}: gn eng Vol 1 Blood of a Thousand                

               Vol 2 Cry of the Worm

               Vol 3 Dreamsong

               Vol 4 On Silent Wings

               Vol 5 On Silent Wings 2                
               Vol 6 Dark Shadows

               Vol 7 Heart of Darkness

               Vol 8 The Gathering

            Vol 9 The Gathering Part 2

               Vol 10 Secrets

               Vol 11 Beasts

*will continue eventually (I love this series) (but it's sooo expensive... -_- But, it's still the large format books so I can't complain much. The art doesn't deserve to be shrunk down. I was looking at Walmart.com and it's pretty cheap--like 37% off and I'd get an extra 10% off. So, here comes cheap manga! Wheeee!)

Boys Over Flowers/ Hana Yori Dango (Kamio Youko ) [Margaret]: gn jap Vol 1-30 *will continue eventually (I love it when I'm reading it....)

Caravan Kidd (Johji Manabe) [Dark Horse]: gn eng Vol 1, 2, 3; complete series

                                                        cb eng issues xx

Cardcaptor Sakura (CLAMP): [TokyoPop] cb eng monthly comics; 1-13

                                                  [ ] gn jap Vol 1-13; complete series

Chobits (CLAMP) [ ]: gn jap Vol 1- 7 complete series *will buy in English eventually on account of the fact that it's written with no furingana... my Japanese sucks...

Devil Devil (Miyoshi Yuki) [Shonen Sunday]: gn jap Vol 1- *missing my favorite volume. have read the whole series. May not complete collection.

Dominion (Masumune Shirow) [Dark Horse]: cb eng Issues xx;

.Hack ( ) [TokyoPop]: gn eng Vol 1

(Evangeleon)God's in his Heaven (various) [ ]: gn jap one volume doujinshi collection; eva stories

Fruits Basket ( Natsuki Takaya) [Hana To Yume]: gn jap Vol 1- 13 *will continue eventually (I still like this series alot)

Geobreeders ( ) [ ]: cb eng issue x

Gravitation ( ) [TokyoPop]: gn eng Vol 1-5 *will continue eventually (I'm such a tard... I must continue this one)

Hot Gimmick (Miki Aihara) [Viz]: gn eng Vol 1-8 *will continue eventually (I love this series. I still try to buy it when I find it. Only 1 vol behind)

Ice Blade ( ) [Mixx]: mag eng Part xx- xx

Inu Yasha (Takahashi Rumiko) [Viz]: cb eng Part xx - xx

                                                gn eng Vol 1-5 (original American printing)

I.N.V.U. ( ) [TokyoPop]: gn eng Vol 1-3 (Korean graphic novel) *would buy these except Tokyopop isn't printing #4!!! Die Tokyopop!

Kare Kano ( ) [TokyoPop]: gn eng Vol 1-2

Kodomo no Omocha ( ) [ ]: gn jap Vol 1-xx complete series

Konya wa Midnight Kid (Yuukako Iisaka) [Flower Comics]: gn jap Yuukako Iisaka Collection 5 (short stories)

               title story

               Deai wa karaoke BOX de

               Hana yomei no Liscence


Kiss Me, Kill Me ( ) [TokyoPop]: gn eng Vol 1 (Korean graphic novel)

Loveless ( ) [ ]: gn jap Vol 1

Luna Lunatic! (Yuukako Iisaka) [Flower Comics ]: gn jap Vol 1-2 complete series (sofar) (Mao) *please write more.... -_-

Magic Knights Rayearth (CLAMP) [TokyoPop]: mag eng Mixxine/Tokyo Pop first series; missing last chapter *will continue eventually

Maison Ikkoku (Takahashi Rumiko) [Viz]: cb eng Parts xx- xx

                                                     gn eng Vol 1 (first American Edition)

Nadesico (Kia Asamiya) [ ]: cb eng issue x

Nausicca (Hayou Miyazaki) [ ]: cb eng Issues xx,

Nemurenai! Midnight (Yuukako Iisaka) [Flower Comics]: gn jap Yuukako Iisaka Collection 2 (short stories)

               title story

               Yuureikitan 89

Oh, My Goddess! ( ) [Dark Horse]: cb eng Issues xx,

One or Double (Takahashi Rumiko) [Viz]: gn eng one volume; collection of short stories

Outlanders (Johji Manabe) [Dark Horse]: cb eng issues xx-xx;

                                                     gn eng vol 5 and 6

Parasyte/Kiseiju ( ): [Mixx] cb eng Parts xx-xx

                                       [ ] gn jap Vol xx- xx complete series

Petshop of Horrors ( ) [TokyoPop]: gn eng Vol 1-5 *will continue eventually

Ranma 1/2 (Takahasi Rumiko): [Viz] cb eng Part xx-xx,

                                                gn jap Vol xx (last volume)

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Adolesence of Utena (Be Papas) [ ]: gn jap one volume; re-imagining of the movie

Riot ( ) [Viz}: cb eng monthly comic issue #

                 gn eng Vol 1-2 complete series *please write more.... -_-

Sailor Moon (Naoko Takeuchi) [Mixx]: mag eng Parts 1-xx

                                                   cb eng Issues 1-xx

Shadow Lady (Masukazu Katsura) [Dark Horse]: cb eng Issues 1- xx, plus Special; complete series

Short Cuts ( ) [Viz]: gn eng Vol 1

Sorceror Hunters ( ) [ ]: mag eng Parts xx-xx

Spirit of Wonder (Kenji Tsurata) [Dark Horse]: gn eng one volume; complete series

Star Wars: A New Hope (Hisao Tamaki /George Lucas) [Dark Horse]: gn eng Vol 1, 2, 3, and 4

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back ( /George Lucas) [Dark Horse]: gn eng Vol 1, 2, 3, and 4 

Steam Detectives (Kia Asamiya) [Viz]: gn eng Vol 1

Tasukete! Vampire! (Yuukako Iisaka) [Flower Comics]: gn jap Yuukako Iisaka Collection 6 (short stories)

               title story (Hibiki)

               Motto Abunai Vampire (Hibiki)

               Chotto Hora- de Vampire (Hibiki)

               Sotsugyou majika no komori uta

               White Memory

Tokyo MewMew ( ) [TokyoPop]: gn eng Vol 1-2 *such a disappointment

Tsubasa (CLAMP) [DelRay]: gn eng Vol 1 *may continue eventually. Low priority.

Under a Glass Moon ( ) [TokyoPop]: gn eng Vol 1-2 (Korean Graphic Novel) (complete sofar) *would possibly continue

Uwasa No Risky Boy! (Yuukako Iisaka) [Flower Comics]: gn jap Vol 1 *Is there more?!? I want it... ;_; Any yuukako Iisaka stuff is like candy to me. I wants it. It so deserves to be translated. sigh... -_-

Vamp! ( ) [ ]: gn jap one volume

Vampire Game ( Judal ) [TokyoPop]: gn eng Vol 1-5 *will continue eventually

Vampire * Vampire (Yuukako Iisaka) [Flower Comics]: gn jap Yuukako Iisaka Collection 4 (short stories)

               title story (first appearance of Hibiki)

               School Wars

               Yuuki ni Fighting

               Love Chance wa 10 yen Dama

Vamp ni Bara Bara (Yuukako Iisaka) [Flower Comics]: gn jap Yuukako Iisaka Collection 7 (short stories)

               title story only (Rei) *also the only Vampire story in the Collection not starring Hibiki

Watashi no Suki na Hito (CLAMP) [ ]: gn jap one volume

What's Micheal? ( ) [Dark Horse]: gn eng vol 1

Wish (CLAMP) [ ]: gn jap Vol 1-4 complete series

X-Day ( ) [ ]: gn eng Vol 1-2 complete series

XXX-holic (CLAMP) [DelRay]: gn eng Vol 1-2 *will continue eventually (A really good book. I like it.)

*Can anyone tell that I love Takahashi, CLAMP, and Yuukako Iisaka, and of the three only Iisaka is still unpubllished here in America? COME ON!!!!!! Bring her over, damn it! She's brilliant! Mayu Shinju also kicks all kinds or ass (particularly at eroticism), but she's been brought over a little bit so I don't have to yell and scream about that.


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comics update

.... Um... yeah... As far as that goes....
Cat's Dance is currently hanging on around a pencilled page 29 or so. I inked the 6th or 7th page a few nights ago.
The Yuki Story (aka "my feline valentine", aka "my Boyfriend the cat", aka "thing that I don't really have a name for") is stagnating around the script for part 9. Gotta write the dinner scene but I need a filler bit... (Yeah, I want to use the word "seguey" or whatever but I don't remember how to spell it).
Oh! My SDs will be in Battle Hymn #4. I did another design that Jeremy liked and he said if I draw it up and finish it he'll put it in the TPB. ^-^ Sweet.
Still working at Wal-mart, although now I also work at Yankee again.

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Saturday gaming

Gaming today was fun. I enjoy it muchly. There were quite a few people there who I'd never met before and 2 people who I've only met once before and didn't really remember. At any rate, there are other RPGA certified DMs in town, so I can beef up my character playing in those games, maybe. Maybe then I won't fall down and die as much... Though Genev has lasted a damn sight longer than I thought he would. I've been playing for almost 2 years now (7/23/03) and Genev is only a level 3. Of course I've only played 14 times total and that's including today. Next month's game will be the 30th.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005
Vext, Giffen

I re-read Vext tonight. All six issues of it. I even re-read the sad letter's column in the back-- the one that reminded  us every single issue that the book was funny, fun, intelligent, a~a~a~and ultimately doomed to cancellation. It made me want to cry. I hadn't read the whole series in a year or two and reading it again rekindled my disappointment. I want to know what was planned for Vext in the future. I want to see where the book was going to go. Scripts for 13 issues were written even though only six were published. 7, YES SEVEN, issues were drawn. I wanna' see the seventh one. I want to know where the hell this thing was headed. Yeah, we all knew it was doomed-- being funny, odd and a Keith Giffen book had it ear-marked for death even before it was published. I can remember looking at the Previews and going, "Oooh! I wanna read that! Too bad it'll only go to 6 issues."
I wonder if Vext ever pops up in the background of any of the other books?
Anyway, anyway, I miss Vext, I miss Ambush Bug, I miss the Heckler. I even miss Major Bummer and yeah, I know it's not Giffen's but it's the same vein. -_- Mystery Men, Flaming Carrot... sigh...
Crap, even I know I'm a few years behind in lamenting the death of funny comics, but every time I read something I enjoy I end up feeling a little dead inside because I know what's coming-- cancellation and this feeling that there's nothing to be done about it. That just depresses me. Damn.
Here's an interview with Giffen that's a couple years old. I think it's interesting to read even if it's old. Much of it still holds true and it's just funny to hear Giffen refer to comics as inbreds.
I'm depressed now. Yup.

The above was posted on a web-board...
By me. Yeah. I think this just proves that my brain is wired differently than other people's. If other people thought these books were funny, then they might still be going on. Invader Zim, the Tick, Arrested Development (you damn well better not cancel this one Fox), Futurama... the shows I love get screwed too. Except maybe Scrubs. I hope like Hell that Arrested doesn't go down in a burst of flames.
On the bright side, Pete and Pete was rescued from oblivion, finally. There's no telling whether it will sell well enough to warrant a second season or not.
My need for stuff and for money to pay for that stuff and to maybe pay my rent (pshh...) is driving me to possibly get a better job. Though not one in my field, as you might surmise. -_- Monday I'm going to go apply for a job at this company that makes motors. Or something. I don't know what the hell I'm doing, but I'll do it badly! That's the spirit!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
man, this loads frikkin slow

So my internet access has been severely handicapped lately. Yup. Which would explain the lack of writing.
I had a dream that I was He-Man a few nights ago. I killed alot of bad guys but they were getting to be too much for me so I revealed my ultimate He-Man secret-- I turned into a werewolf and proceeded to wreak havoc  on the baddies that were in the house threatening my friends. I ripped off heads and ripped out hearts and when the slaughter was over one of my friends drove me to the hospital in his truck because he thought I was crazy. I didn't want to go to the hospital and resolved to escape the truck. On the way there I saw some trolls digging a ditch (the ones with the big hair-- yes, the troll-dolls...) and I waved to them from the window of the truck. Anyway, the adreneline was kind of wearing off and I started to wake up, disappointed that I didn't get to spend more time as a werewolf to kill things.

Another zombie dream although this one was kind of fun. I was in charge and went around ripping off heads and killing things in a mall. I was okay with it being overrun by zombies until my little sister Jo-z showed up as one of the survivors in the mall/college?. When she showed up I freaked out because she couldn't have been there by herself. She's 8. I thought one or both of my parents must be there and in danger of becoming zombies. I asked her where Mom was and she said Mom got out which relieved me until I figured that there was no way in hell that my mom would leave her there by herself. I imagined that my mom was trying to fight her way back in to the zombie infested place and would surely be killed. I asked where Mark was and Jo said he was still in the building, but they got seperated. I killed lots of zombies mostly with a baseball bat but also with a pair of chopsticks. Not sure how.

Right now I'm working on some illos for Haun's comic Battle Hymn. THey are in SD and they're turning out pretty nice.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005
It's bout fucking time!!!

MAY 17!!!  Yeah, I know that that is also the day Scrubs comes out on dvd, yet another dvd set I've been salivating about getting my grubby little hands on, but this... this is like going looking for empty cans to recycle and finding instead a brick of gold! Huzzah! HUZZAH!
Check this out:
For more info on the incredible and very worthy show that filled my childhood with bitterness and, yes, glee, too.

Posted at 09:40 pm by manekochan
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