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Okay, so one of the cool things about the Discworld series is that it is actually SEVERAL series, only slightly linked. Most of these books can be enjoyed on their own merit, although they make the most sense when read within the context of the "series" that they are a part of.

Oh, and is it just me, or are the new covers really, really ugly?

Luck is my middle name. Mind you, my first name is Bad.
Starring the Disc's most loveable, luckless "Wizzard." These are definately serial in nature...you should probably read them in this order.

'The Color of Magic (Discworld, Book 1)'
'The Light Fantastic (Discworld, Book 2)'
'Sourcery (Discworld, Book 5)'
'Eric (Discworld, Book 9)'
'Interesting Times (Discworld, Book 17)'
'The Last Continent (Discworld, Book 22)'
'The Last Hero: A Discworld Fable'---->Also starring Captain Carrot of the AMCW, Leonard da Quirm, Cohen the Barbarian and his Silver Horde, and the Librarian. This fully illustrated book is an absolute MUST HAVE.

Ankh-Morpork's finest, doing what they do best.

'Guards! Guards! (Discworld, Book 8)'
'Men at Arms (Discworld, Book 15)'
'Feet of Clay (Discworld, Book 19)'
'Jingo (Discworld, Book 21)'
'The Fifth Elephant (Discworld, Book 24)'
'Night Watch (Discworld, Book 27)'
'Thud! (Discworld, Book 30)'------------>Coming Fall 2005

The Lancre Witches
"Well, I can do next Tuesday."

'Equal Rites (Discworld, Book 3)'--->Yo, Pratchett. Whatever happened to Esk, anyway?
'Wyrd Sisters (Discworld, Book 6)'
'Witches Abroad (Discworld, Book 12)'
'Lords and Ladies (Discworld, Book 14)'
'Maskerade (Discworld, Book 18)'
'Carpe Jugulum (Discworld, Book 23)'

The Disc's winsome Grim Reaper, in all his slightly befuddled glory.

'Mort (Discworld, Book 4)'
'Reaper Man (Discworld, Book 11)'
'Soul Music (Discworld, Book 16)'
'Hogfather (Discworld, Book 20)'
'Thief of Time (Discworld, Book 26)'

Fellow Travelers
Stand-alone books featuring characters that we sadly never meet again.

'Pyramids (Discworld, Book 7)'
'Moving Pictures (Discworld, Book 10)'
'Small Gods (Discworld, Book 13)' <---GREATEST BOOK EVER
'The Truth (Discworld, Book 25)'
'Monstrous Regiment (Pratchett, Terry)'
'Going Postal: A Novel of Discworld'

And these are part of Pratchett's new kiddie-Discworld thing:
'The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents'
'The Wee Free Men (Bccb Blue Ribbon Fiction Books (Awards))'
'A Hat Full of Sky'

Young Tiffany Aching appears to be Pratchett's new favorite character, because at least two more Tiffany books are planned.

Your Ultimate Guide To The Disc And Realms Thereof
Maps, guidebooks, quizzes, and associated oddities.

'The Discworld Companion'
'Nanny Ogg's Cookbook (Discworld)'
'A Tourist Guide to Lancre'
'Streets of Ankh Morpork'
'The Discworld Mapp'
'Death's Domain: A Discworld Mapp'
'The Science of Discworld'
'The Science of Discworld II: The Globe'
'Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" Quizbook'
'The Art of Discworld'
'Once More with Footnotes'------>I don't own this one, yet, but it appears to be a mixed bag of essays, short stories, etc., a la Adams's 'The Salmon of Doubt' or Gaiman's 'Adventures in the Dream Trade', both of which I do have and highly recommend.

From The Street Of Cunning Artificers

'Terry Pratchett's Discworld - Soul Music'
'Terry Pratchett's Discworld - Wyrd Sisters'
'Terry Pratchett's From the Discworld'


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