Entry: Update Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Okay... So, still working on Angel... and working... too much. Also, I finished the Jane Austen novel (though I still have to go back and put in some Jane Austen bits at the beginning) and the other day I started writing Kisa Complex again. My way this time. It's shaping up pretty well (except the background characters-- they could use some inspiration). I like it so far. Maybe someday I'll even draw it. Perish the thought. Wink  I'm frikkin hungry.

Okay, anyway, so I've been on several job interviews now and everyones all gooshy over my illustrations. And that's it. They're not hiring for illustrators they just... appreciate that I can do it. Whoopty frikkin do. I need a good job, not 2, not 3, not 4. I turned in my two weeks at Movie Gallery on Sunday so now I'll just have 2 jobs-- Yankee and Hydraulic Specialties and that'll be fine as long as the hours hold up. Something in here smells like india ink. I know there's none in this house so I don't exactly see how that's possible, but I smell it. Whatever comic I work on next (planning for it to be the Yuki one, but I don't know) I gotta figure out a way to cut my time down. I started thinking of a priorities list:

1)finish Angel in Training

2)type out Austen story

3)finish Cat's Dance

4)think of new Kisa stories

5)work on Ellie story or at least the 3 Leopard Demons

or 6)start drawing Feline Valentine (aka yuki story)

There are a bunch that have fallen by the wayside over the years. I may yet resurrect the Yura stories. He was fun. Menagerie never took off considerably, but I thought it was really neat and the background characters were great. The Royce and Katelyn story is not really dead, but is instead worked into the background of the Yuki story. The damn thing (Royce and Katelyn's story) is like 500 pages already. It's not ever going to die but I have sort of stopped telling it for a while. I really hung on to that one. It's funny that I decided to kind of scrap it and just use it as a template for yuki. It may come back someday. Good God.Sarafina story got pretty far into the first arc before I stopped working on it. There's a few others that I don't usually think about that are still in there-- Ship of Fools-- there's another story I'd like to do for that one before I give up on it completely, but I'm so far from it right now. Not that menagerie isn't like 4 years old and I haven't worked on it in forever.


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