Entry: Movies Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I was thinking the other day. Me and Rebecca were talking about cartoons and it dawned on me that almost every single cartoon I've ever seen in the theater I can tell you about the time I went to see it.

Oliver and Co.- Cinema 6. My grandma took me to see it alone. My sister got pissed so we had to go again. Granny fell asleep the second time. I remember driving down Kim's street on the way there.

Land Before Time- Mall 5. Mom, Erica (my sister), and Randy (my mom's best friend). We went to Montgomery Wards afterwards and they had a Littlefoot alarm clock that I wanted. Land Before Time and Bambi were also the first Video tapes I ever got.

Ducktales the movie- Eastgate, when it was first run. Grandma, mom, and Erica.

The Black Cauldron- Eastgate (1st run). Randy, Mom, and Erica.

101 Dalmations- Cinema 6. Granny and Erica.

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer- Eastgate (1st Run). Granny.

Transformers the movie- Eastgate (1st). Granny and Erica.

The Little Mermaid- Cinema 6. Randy and Erica. I remember we were worried we'd be late because Randy forgot her clock was 20 minutes fast. Also, we got small drinks even though med. would have been cheaper with the popcorn. She said we didn't need to drink that much anyway.

Beauty and the Beast- Mall 5. Erica, Becca, Mary, and Sarah. I bought Mike & Ikes. I don't know why I remember that.

Mulan- mall 5. By myself... -_-  The people around me knew the words to all the songs and wouldn't shut up. Opening day.

Hunchback of Notre Dame- Eastgate (dollar). I took Kali to watch it.

Aladdin- Cinema 6. Granny and Erica. Double feature with Homeward Bound: the incredible Journey. We didn't stay for the second movie. I think it was a valentine's present. I know she invited us in a card. Got to watch it with the lyrics "where they cut off your ears if they don't like your face" before they changed it.

Pocahontas- Cinema 6. Dawn and Erica. I remember driving around Mallory's neighborhood.

Emperor's New Groove- the Pittsburg theater. Danial.

The Jungle Book- Webb City Drive-in with my mom, Erica and Randy. I remember being scared at the part with Shere Khan and the stick on fire.

Toy Story- Mall 5. Mark and his entire church group, but basically, my whole entire family. "Daddy/Daughter Day".

Toy Story2- Northstar 14. Danial.

Tarzan- Northstar 14. Preview. Danial.

Quest for Camelot- Cinema 6. A girl named Sara. We were bored.

Spirited Away- SUNSHINE BIRU, TOKYO JAPANNNNNN!!!!! Joanna. We had to stand in a huge line and there were people sitting in the floor at the theater. We actually went opening week and didn't know it. Heh.

Princess Mononoke- Cinema 6. It was finals week. The first time I think I went with Danial and Justin. Second, my whole family. Third, Randy. It was only there for a week and I wanted to make as many people watch it as possible cuz it was really hard to get it in town. I still worked at the theater but I made them charge me for it because I wanted to support it.

Howl's Moving Castle- Fayetteville Mall. Danial. Most expensive movie I've ever gone to unless you count Spirited Away. Between the food and gas this movie cost me $60 and it was my birthday. It was great, though.

Bug's Life- Mall 5. Danial

Iron Giant- Northstar 14. Danial.

The King and I- Eastgate (dollar). Danial. God, what a bad movie.

Lion King- Mall 5. My birthday. Randy, Erica and, actually, my cousin Brandon got to go, too. Could not stop crying throughout the whole movie because I'd read the comic first and knew that Mufasa was going to die.

Shrek- plane coming back from Japan. Me. Alone. With Japanese subtitles... -_-

Shrek 2- Northstar 14. Danial.

Hercules- Northpark 1&2 or, the Twin. James and Alec. Watched it several times. Eventually caught  the employees dancing on benches to the Grease soundtrack.

Pokemon 2000- northstar 14. Danial. The second time, Daniel, Danial, Kim, Hurley... it was a free movie day.

Antz- Mall 5. Danial.

Beavis and Butthead Do America- Eastgate.

SouthPark- Northstar 14. Preview. Danial. 2nd time- my parents.

Small Soldiers- Mall 5. Danial.

Cars- Carthage Drive-In. Danial. Danny and Steph in another car.

Monsters Inc.- Cinema 6 (dollar). Danial. The screen said "FUCK" on it.

Finding Nemo- Northstar 14. Danial.

Ice Age- Northstar 14. Mark, Jo-z, maybe Kali. (Daddy/Daughter Day again)

Ice Age2: the Meltdown- Northstar 14. Danial.

Corpse Bride- Northstar 14. Danial. We invited Danny but he was tired and then the next day he wished he'd gone.


October 30, 2006   12:33 AM PST
Saw Madagascar on dvd. We didn't see it at the theater... o_o It was okay. I liked it.
August 15, 2006   08:29 AM PDT
the persistance of movie memories.


I'm impressed, but it was spirited away we went to see rather than mononoke---I also remember seeing shangai noon with you all, which isn't really a cartoon except owen wilson looks like one
August 12, 2006   11:56 PM PDT
we didn't see it at the theater--- watched it on dvd.
Dan gave you my deviant art address, right?
August 10, 2006   08:09 PM PDT
Yes, I remember Pokemon 2000 being free :)

And please tell me you've seen Madagascar too. It was so cute.

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