Entry: Updates Monday, October 30, 2006

 Yup, so I haven't been on here much. I got a deviantart site http://manekochan.deviantart.com/  and there's a journal on there I've mostly been using. I was thinking I might come back here to post some of my literature that I want a friend of mine to read but I don't want to post on DA to be viewed by the general public. I might post it on here with restrictions for viewing. I just have to type it... urgh... So anyway, there's a ton of new art on my DA site. I haven't updated my comics site in forever. I've been working on this project I call "Halloween Academy" with all kinds of familiars and witches and stuff. I haven't posted any of the witches or anything. Just a random werewolf. ^_^

Status report:

All of Angel Issue 1 is inked, toned and lettered EXCEPT the last page... -_-;

Kisa Complex (I dunno if I mentioned this) new second story written. Kind of inspired by "Evil"-- by Interpol.

Angel Issue 2 thumbnails holding steady at 11 pages (for 6 weeks and counting... )

Jane Austen story-- still waiting to add in bits and pieces

As yet unnamed vampire story number 2- Mic --- coming along pretty well. This is the one that I may type up. I may type up the Austen one, too. The Austen one should be pretty short. Mic is unfinished as of yet and it keeps getting longer. So far it's on its third notebook (they're small notebooks-- don't get excited)

Learning the Painter program. It's kind of a pain at times, neat at other times. I tried drawing with that stupid ass pen tool in Photoshop. I hate that friggin thing.


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