manekochan » oh my god i'm slow
manekochan » hola. Hey, I never did get my webpage back up, really. Too much hassle. I started a deviant account instead.
manekochan » hola. Hey, I never did get my webpage back up, really. Too much hassle. I started a deviant account instead.
bal » I posted some of my music at:
manekochan » And Hi, Bho! ^-^ Hi, Justin. Bug Danial and tell him to come visit. I got the English release of the Cat Returns. ^-^ You should watch it.
manekochan » I hate the new code you have to enter if you are not logged in.
manekochan » crap. Anyway, I fixed the link to your site. Yay me. I had re-copied the link to that Japanese language site accidentally. It's there, though.
manekochan » CSBT3
Kim » hi amber!
manekochan » I am only marginally crazy right now. If you had checked earlier today the meter would have been a little higher.
bal » you all should stop by sometime
Bho » HI puppy.. I do check on you.. hope you are loved and better off then ya seems reading ya blog
Kim » crap!! I posted twice >< It didn't show up the first time, I swear! I thought I lost the comment. Now I look really dorky. -_- Oh well, I guess I am anyway.
Kim » You still haven't linked to my site I think we're more alike than I realized. We fill our spare time trying to be creative. Unfortunately I never finish anyt hing. Good luck with your stories!
Kim » You still didn't put up a link to my site I'm glad you're staying busy. We're really like each other in a lot of ways. We fill our time by trying to be creative. Good luck with your stories!
manekochan » did you see there's new stuffs on the webcomic? well, technically, it's not new at all.
bal » I think that's awesome...if only I were able to update it more than twice a month
manekochan » my parents wandered over to your blog thinking that it was also mine and they were all shocked to see nudity on it. heh.
manekochan » whisper of the heart is so cute
bal » Last week, they would show the english-language versions, and then the Japanese-language versions later at night. Don't know how they will do the others, but thought you might like to know!
bal » Nausicaa of the Valley, Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, Porco Rosso, Whisper of the Heart, Only Yesterday, and Pom Poko are the ones they are showing in the weeks to come.
bal » Turner Classic Movies is doing a Miyazaki film festival every Thursday this month...Spirited Away and Mononoke were last week...
manekochan » boo!
bal » boogity
manekochan » My cd burner is broken or I'd just keep scanning them over there. But, it's my scanner and my computer, so...
manekochan » and then maybe bring my scanner over so I can scan them onto his computer.
manekochan » Thanks. ^-^ The scanner is at my parent's house but it's my scanner. I'm gonna load Photoshop on Dan's computer
bal » btw, where do you have access to a scanner?
bal » also, i like it when they are on notebook paper...
bal » i wanted to say that those "intermittent tangents" strips are really awesome and that you should keep doing them
manekopower » fahfwah! Dat hella powaful! Dat yellin be...
bal » POWER!
manekogod » fahfwah!!!
bal » I am a man of constant sorrow. I seen buggies in my shake. I bid farewell to ol' McDonald's, the food on which I was born and raised.
manekochan » are wa surangu da yo... are no imi wa "Anata wa hen desu yo" . Or "you are wierd."
bal » nani desu ka?
manekochan » anta wa hen da yo
Kim » Ah interesting. Thanks. ^^
Kim » Hi amber, I'm error testing your shoutbox to see what happens when a string that is too long is entered. One two three.. TEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGG GGGGGG
bal » not everything thai is spicy, and for items that are, you can request that it not be TOO is all really flavorful, though, unlike most American versions of 'spicy' (buffalo wings, etc)
manekochan » I don't like spicy things too much.
manekochan » i' ve not been to the thai restaurant here... I have not been to one anywhere... I have had curry though.
manekochan » um hmm... well how bout somma this?
bal » tagboard
bal » The thai restaurant is about as close to happiness as food in joplin gets...I like #37 on the dinner menu
bal » boogity boogity boo
manekochan » see how long it takes my connection to time out here
manekochan » shpidoinkle!
manekochan » at least there's a zoo there
CrazyDizzLe » hey I never said I was proud of Springfield. I hate it here.
bal » it is easier to deal with external stress if you are okay with its inevitability
bal » if people aren't reasonably content with themselves, they are always frustrated with where they are in life
manekochan » prosjer Joplin does suck, but not so much as, say... um... hold on... um... errr... damn.
bal », are what i am using for image hosts
bal » Not only does CrazyDizzLe claim to be Christian, he also thinks his town is to be proud of. That is all I will ever say about that. Ignorance reveals itself through action.
CrazyDizzLe » So you lived in Joplin? Fun. That town bites.
Kim » Cheer up, Amber!!
manekochan » amber depressed
bal » Send in the clones...tears of a clone...TOO MANY CLONES!!!
manekochan » people other than your clones visiting my blog?!? this smacks of armageddon to be sure.
manekochan » My God... what has science wrought?!?
bal » hah, you are wrong, it was not me this can even click on her name to prove it!
manekochan » Pooooooo!
manekochan » amber go work now
manekochan » I can only imagine that you are one of bal's other incarnations... but I could be wrong...
manekochan » odd that I caught you here since I'm never here... (and must leave in about 3 minutes...)
manekochan » kee-dokee. Who might you be?
emobabe05 » bah is the coolest word ever
manekochan » More Yoko Kanno
manekochan » I hate my life. I like my cds though. You should hear the new one I picked up.
manekochan » I have more less important things to do than blog! i can waste my time on rps!
bal » ah, there you are! you have stopped updating!
manekochan » .... Amber like pull and peel...
Group » Justin ͂悢B
Holy Ghost Girl » bal, Jesus did not die so that you could eat pull n' peel twizzlers. It is his plan that you only eat strawberry. And sometimes those nasty chocolate twizzlers, when you can still find them.
bal » not me, though. i like 'em better than regular twizzlers.
bal » some people don't like pull n' peel...they say they taste like cough syrup.
bal » they should make pull and peel candles, like they do with twizzlers
manekochan » complicated to handle with a knife. ^-^ They have, like, pokemon shaped fish cakes and stuff. wierd things for kids.
manekochan » that first one-- with hello kitty-- the red things on the side that kind of looked like octopai? Those are hotdogs cut up to look like octopai. You can buy the mechanism to do it if it's too compicate
manekochan » man, those actually look good no they don't all look like that... Although, there is this huge thing about having cute lunchs
bal » Do all lunches in Japan look like this?
bal » I won't, mainly because I am not rude like that, also because she miscarried.
manekochan » Don't do that to me.
manekochan » My "friend" Angela only comes by every couple of years or so and she ALWAYS tries to get me to babysit.
manekochan » amounts for different people. Don't LET Dan bail on you or he probably will. I don't know. Bah.
manekochan » when Dan's friend Andrew got married Dan totally bailed on him... It's sad. Life changes after you have a kid, but it changes different
manekochan » hee hee hee
bal » as for the situation: it is a big change, but despite my childish sense of humor I think I will be okay. Don't everybody go disappearing on me because of it, though.
bal » and if i wasn't "weird," i wouldn't be interesting.
bal » it's not like i write it all at just never update.
manekochan » baby=scary parasite
manekochan » I'm sure you'll make a good father. (dude, you're fucked..... AHHHHH! Did I type that out loud? Fuck.)
manekochan » Congratulations! XD You'se gonna' be a daddy!
manekochan » I heard about the baby and it's situations that I dread because, do I say congratulations? I wouldn't want to hear that if it were me, but I'm a crazy.
manekochan » you leave my *area over here to the left* alone
manekochan » you just want to eat up all of my *area over here to the left* don't you?
manekochan » dude, you're fucking wierd
bal » those worked.
bal » (^^)//